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Welcome to Shikun & Binui Real Estate’s website (“the Company” and “the Website” respectively). The use of The Website is subject to the following terms and conditions. The use of the Website shall be considered as your consent to all the terms, conditions and messages. The terms and conditions apply to all users, regardless of any gender term used in this document.
Browsing the Website shall be considered as your agreement to all of the terms and conditions that regulate the relationships between the Company to any browser, viewer or any other user of the Website. Please note the importance of a thorough reading of the terms of conditions prior to your usage.

The Website, information, data, texts, softwares, sounds, images, graphics, video clips, messages or any other content the is presented at the website (“the Content”) is offered as is and free  of any obligation, responsibility or presentation on the Company’s behalf regarding to its adequacy, reliability, timeliness and the level of the accuracy of the Website’s Content.
The Company shall not be held liable any mistakes or imprecisions in relation to Content and information provided by third parties. Furthermore, please note that using the Website shall not be construed as providing consult or advise whatsoever; Should any problem or question arise, please consult a suitable professional for a tailored advice. Therefore, any reliance on advices, acknowledgments or any other information shall be made at your own sole discretion and the Company shall not be liable for such reliance on such information. Unless stated otherwise, the Website’s Content is solely for exhibition, imaging and illustration.

Intellectual Property
The Website’s Content is protected by the laws of the state of Israel, the laws of foreign countries and international treaties of which Israel is a member. All the copyrights and intellectual property in relation with the Website are the Company’s property or are licensed to it by third parties. The usage of the Website binds you to act in accordance with these rights and does not grant you any other right other than the usage right as defined by the Company. Any change, copy, reproduction, publication, distribution, sale, rent, lease, loan, broadcast, presentation of information, wholly or partly, without the Company’s explicit agreement is strictly prohibited.

The trademarks presented at the Website (except for sponsors’ trademarks) are the Company’s exclusive property and they are not to be used without a prior written consent from the Company.

Links to Other Websites
The Website may include links to websites that are operated by third parties other than the Company. These links are presented at your convenience. The Company has no control over those websites and it is not liable to the content presented in them. The inclusion of those links shall not be construed as an approval of the materials presented in them and it does indicate to any relation to the said websites’ operators.

Unlawful or Forbidden Use
As a condition for using the Website, you acknowledge and pledge not to use the Website and the Content for any unlawful purpose or for any forbidden purpose, all in accordance with the terms, conditions and messages that are included in the usage terms or under any applicable law. Furthermore, it is strictly prohibited to upload unlawful materials to the Website.

Limitation of Warranty
Disruptions, mismatches, mistakes or inaccuracies may occur at the Website, despite the Company’s efforts to verify the quality, reliability, wholeness and level of information’s precision and the timeliness calculations and the Content included at the Website. The Company shall not be liable to any damage, expense and/or loss that might occur due to the said disruptions. In any case of incompatibility between the information at the Website and between the information at the Company’s quarters, the information at the Company’s quarter shall be construed as the right one. 

It is the Company’s stated policy to continuously operate, update and improve the Website as much as possible. However, the Company is entitled, at any time, to make changes and improvements to the Website and even halt its activity from time to time at its own sole discretion. 

You shall be solely liable for the decision to use the Website and for any related consequence. The Company shall not be liable to any damage, loss or failure transpired from or related in any way to the usage of Website, a delay in its usage or to inability to use it for any reason.

Restriction of Access
The Company reserves the right to refuse access to the Website, wholly or partly, to you or to any other user at its own sole discretion and without prior notice.

Amendments to Terms and Conditions
The Company reserves the right to make changes in the terms, conditions and messages that apply to the Website’s usage at any time and at its sole discretion.

Registration to the Website and orders of service shall require you to provide your name, address and email address.

The information will be used by us for sending professional data, updates, various messages, information about services and sales that might be beneficial and interesting for you and our clients (“the Updates”).

The information shall be used by us for managing the Website’s users list, logistic and businesslike organization, statistical needs etc.

We might use the information and its derivatives for various businesslike, advertising and marketing purposes, including providing it to third parties under certain circumstances (see below), however we do not guarantee that such usage shall be based on the information in a monolithic manner without referring to information about a specific client rather that to our clients as one group that carries specific characteristics.

Typing your details at the website shall be construed as an agreement for using them by us or by any party on our behalf as said above and in accordance with any applicable law, including your agreement for receiving mail, including via email. It is possible, at any time, to stop receiving the Updates and mail by checking the relevant box or by sending an email to

The Company shall not transfer your, or any other user’s, personal data except to parties that are related to the Website’s operation or to any enforcement authority that would order the Company to transfer a user’s personal data who has allegedly broken the law. 

Should a part of the terms and conditions be deemed as void or unenforceable, the void or unenforceable clauses shall be considered as if they were replaced with valid and enforceable ones and their content shall be regarded as the most approximate to the intent of the original clauses. The rest of the clauses shall remain valid.